The Surf Crest was a full restoration job that took place over two years. As with most buildings from this era, this project involved asbestos abatement before any concrete demolition could begin. After safely removing the asbestos, our crews got to work on repairing the concrete. Due to a combination of heavy weathering, outdated railing installation methods and age, most balconies had to be chipped back 12″ before being re-poured. After replacing the concrete and removing any old coatings, balconies were sloped for proper drainage and protected with a liquid applied traffic membrane. Finally, vent hood were installed, all caulking was replaced, and the building was given a new coat of paint.
concrete repair
concrete repair

Failed stucco has been removed from the panels adjacent to the balconies, and chipping is underway on the slab edges.

All the slab edges have been abated and chipped, and are ready for forming.

Here, the asbestos abatement on the vertical walls is completed, and the newly rendered panels have been painted.

completed railing installation

The final balconies for this phase have their railings removed so abatement and chipping can begin.

View of the Surf Crest with all painting complete, and new railings and dividers installed.
South side of the Surf Crest, showing new railings, vent hoods, paint and membrane.
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