South West corner of Parkwood manor

South West corner of Parkwood manor. The updated colour scheme was chosen by the building Strata, and is contains elements of the buildings original colours.


Alumni Painting

Repainting on Pendrell St. with a protective aluminum coating to give the window frames a fresh look. This economical alternative to window frame replacement gives the windows fresh protection, extending their life.

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This letter is to thank you and your team for the recent painting of Parkwood Manor. We have received many positive comments about the new look for our building. Your staff was very professional and worked diligently to get the work done on time  with a little help for the excellent weather we had in April.

We were happy our Shareholders agreed to pay extra for the painting of the window frames to enhance the painted concrete colours.

We look forward to using your Company when we need to paint our building again.

Yours sincerely

Doug Stewart


Parkwood Manor

June 2, 2016

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